24th Annual HPRCT Conference
June 19-22, 2018
Marriott Riverwalk
San Antonio, Texas
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Jessica Nelms Hall

Principal | HPRCT Secretary
Charlottesville, Virgina
Jessica is a graduate from Virginia Tech with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. During her time at Virginia Tech, Jessica and a small team of 4 other people designed and built a multiple award-winning mobile organ preservation system. This experience helped Jessica manifest a need to develop, design, and improve upon things around her. Although the original focus and experience was in the biomedical industry, Jessica took a step back and realized that was not the right path for her. In the spring of 2013, Jessica attended HPRCT with her father, Bob Nelms. It was here where a spark of interest began to flare. She started to attend, listen, read and learn more about human beings and their interactions with the world around them. She realized that mechanics, systems, and human beings are three very different things, with only one of those being an entity. This thought became more conclusive with the years of experiencing computer programming: a human being is always the source of anything good or bad that is created by humans. Since 2014, the flare turned into a fire, and Jessica started working along-side her father in the Root Cause industry. She became an advocate for learning how things go wrong, in a blameless fashion. To this day, Bob Nelms and Jessica bring Root Cause and Human Performance together to model how we could potentially live in everyday life in order to embrace, learn, and prevent bad things from happening. Jessica's interests include the outdoors, natural health and fitness, animals, learning, photography but most importantly: Jesus and family.